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The City Archives is a regular contributor to Alive!, the newspaper for Los Angeles city employees. Some of the “History Comes Alive!” feature are adapted for radio and broadcast over KPCC in Pasadena as part of the “Offramp” program airing Saturdays at 12 noon and Sundays at 6pm. They are also archived on the KPCC website.

The current “Archivist Files” deals with the city’s coping with the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919. Using reports and other documents from the city’s municipal collections, we try to open a small window into the past. These records are part of the public record and are accessible by contacting the archives during normal office hours. Details are available on the city’s website at http://clerk.lacity.org/CityArchivesandRecordsCenter/index.htm or calling the office at 213-473-8440.

But, here is a bit of history that we hope IS contagious.