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Gifts from out of state!

Special thanks to Ron from Port Townsend, WA who sent us this image from a collection of slides depicting downtown Los Angeles. The address "835 S. Main" is written on the edge of the slide.

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Since 1976, the Los Angeles City Historical Society has worked to disseminate knowledge of the rich and diverse multicultural history of the city of Los Angeles. We are also the official Friends of the Los Angeles City Archives. Learn more about us by reading our history.

upcoming events

2014 Marie Northrop Lecture Series What Happened to the Ethnic Communities of Historic Los Angeles? We have three dates set for our annual lecture series. This year, we'll be looking at the ethnic communities of historic L.A. More details on our blog.

lachs highlight

Italian-American lectureOn March 8, LACHS presented its first of three L.A. history lectures in the Marie Northrop series. Featured was Marianna Gatto, executive director of the Italian-American Museum of Los Angeles, who spoke on the life and times of Italians who settled in our city from 1827 on.