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We arrange variety of programs offered with discounted or free admission for our members.

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Marie Northrop Lecture Series

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In 1992, the Los Angeles City Historical Society president Patricia Bowie and board member Michael Engh, reflected on how the LACHS could promote greater interest in Los Angeles history among its members and the general public. The two – both professors of history at Loyola Marymount University – decided on an annual program of three lectures to be delivered by established writers, historians, and educators.

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The Los Angeles City Historical Society Newsletter is issued to members four times per year. It details current news about the society, articles on local history, book reviews, and additional information about historical happenings in Los Angeles.  

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In early 2019, the LACHS Board approved implementation and funding of a program to award scholarships to outstanding history graduate students at local universities and colleges.

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Research Projects

If you would like LACHS to sponsor a research project, please contact us. We can usually only sponsor one or two projects a year. If we do not have the resources to sponsor your project, we will be happy to help you find other funding sources.



The Los Angeles City Historical Society has sponsored several books.

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The Los Angeles City Historical Society has created a website that offers selected historical photographs from the Los Angeles City Archives. Viewers can search by community name, such as Chinatown, Venice, Westwood, or Downtown Los Angeles. One can also search by subject, such as bridges, streets, dates, and/or other specific topics. 

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LACHS Annual Gala

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Every year we have an Annual Gala where we honor our Annual Award recipients. The Annual Gala is normally held at a location or building significant to the history of Los Angeles.

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