LACHS Scholarship

In early 2019, the LACHS Board approved implementation and funding of a program to award scholarships to outstanding history graduate students at local universities and colleges. We hope that LACHS members who wish to support the program will donate additional funds to the program.  Please note that 100% of all donations will go to students. 

The Board recognizes the critical value of the study and analysis of history to our democracy and seeks to encourage outstanding students in the field.

2019 Scholarships

This spring, the Los Angeles City Historical Society awarded scholarships to six worthy students for their interesting historical research. Please click on each title below to read the essays.

Cal State University Los Angeles

Robert Bates - The Progressive Legacies from the 1948 Progressive Party and the 1968 Peace and Freedom Party Presidential Campaigns

Ian Spik - Fear of a Black Picket: Anxieties about Racial Equality at Cal State Los Angeles in the 1960s

Cal State University Long Beach

Taylor Stack - (Sub)Urban Struggle: Youth Culture and the Search for Meaning and Space in Suburban Southern California, 1980-1986

Matthew Lindsay - Life was Once a Picnic in Long Beach: Hawkeye Traditions and Their Cultural Assimilation to Southern California

Cal State University Northridge

Daniel Aburto - From “Unfit for Human Consumption” to Taco Tuesday: Mexican food in Los Angeles from the Early 1900s

Arnoldo Toral, Jr. - They Have Always Existed: The Recent Success of Black Filmmakers in the Contemporary Era